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Anyway, Gao Li Occasionally Reviews is a small site dedicated to game related reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What PC model do you play your games on?

I play an older PC model, a 32-bit, Windows Vista Home Premium, Intel Core 2 CPU, Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT, 3070 MB RAM, DirectX 11. The upside to that is you can be sure that the games shown here will run on your older machine too.

  • How long do you play a game before reviewing?

I’ve played through the whole game at least once before reviewing.

  • Do you have a Steam Curation?

Yes, Gao Li Occasionally Reviews has a curation on Steam called Gao’s Corner. You can find it on Steam or by clicking here.

  • Are your reviews politically charged?

No. I try to make reviews telling others whether or not something is enjoyable to play without diverging into personal opinions. When I want to express my thoughts on gaming culture, I do so in non-habitual editorial pieces.

  • Are the reviews objective?

The attempt is to have the reviews be as objective as humanly possible while also showing understanding for both consumers and studios alike.

  • Why are there scores at the end of reviews?

I don’t particularly believe in a numerical rating system being beneficial for reviews of this kind, hence why the ratings often include weird scales. But after some of the first reviews were criticized for lacking these, I do recognize the “n out of 10” rating’s place in many readers’ hearts.

  • Which genres of games does this site specialize in?

The reviews are mostly focusing on single player games that fit into umbrella terms like

– Action-Adventure

– Point & Click

– Platformer

and their respective sub- and related genres.