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Anyway, Gao Li Occasionally Reviews is a small site dedicated to game related reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What PC model do you play your games on?

I play an older PC model, a 32-bit, Windows Vista Home Premium, Intel Core 2 CPU, Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT, 3070 MB RAM, DirectX 11. The upside to that is you can be sure that the games shown here will run on your older machine too.

  • Why do you play on such an old machine?

I come from a developing nation and not everyone has access to better computers that people from industrialized countries are accustomed to. Often times, even newer new machines sold in developing countries that run using MS Windows 10 are often far weaker than anything sold in rich nations. By playing on an older machine, I can make sure that people who don’t have top notch computers can run the games.

  • How long do you play a game before reviewing?

Often times until I’ve gotten all achievements and at least until I was able to see all content. With some games, this becomes a bit hard, when they are multiplayer based, for example, but with all games I try my best to see everything they have to offer.

  • Do you have a Steam Curation?

Yes, and I’m glad you asked, hypothetical person. Gao Li Occasionally Reviews has a curation on Steam called Gao’s Corner. You can find it on Steam or by clicking here.

  • Are your reviews politically charged?

Typically no, and I don’t quite get why anyone would do that, unless the game really hammers it in. I try to make reviews telling others about the good parts and less well crafted parts of the video games I’ve played. But when there is something that really goes on my nerves, in regards to the gaming culture, you’ll probably hear about it in the non-habitual editorial pieces.

  • Are the reviews objective?

Never. Objectivity is something that I believe, cannot be achieved by your average mortal, but is something still worth striving for. So, I try to be as objective, and as understanding in these reviews.

  • What’s with the scores at the end of the reviews?

I don’t particularly believe in numerical rating systems being beneficial for reviews of this kind, hence why the ratings often include weird scales. But after some of the first reviews were criticized for lacking any point-based systems, I added them. They are more about how much I enjoyed playing the game though, and less about how good the game is.

  • Which genres of games are your favorites?

The reviewer right here is mostly into  single player games that fit into umbrella terms like

– Action-Adventure

– Point & Click

– Platformer

and their respective sub- and related genres. But I do play other stuff as well to mix things up a little bit.

  • Who made your header image?

‘Twas I. I made it.