GameBlast 20, helping those in need with a stream

The world’s too triste, we should add some Sun light!


Full Disclaimer: I have neither been paid to write the following article about GameBlast 20 nor have I been paid for the artwork I have created for the GameBlast 20 event. I just believe it’s a good cause that deserves more attention. That said, I have been credited on their page as the creator of the gifs I made for them.

Readers might me remember my escapades during the month of October, 2019, what some might not know, however, was that I had originally planned to plaster my twitter channel with pixel art drawings that were supposed to form one large image when put together. Given that my computer broke down, that did not happen. Still, I wanted to draw. As a Plan B of sorts, I thus drew and published a small “Ghost Mustard” animation (a pun on Ghostbusters) on Halloween that caught the attention of Later Levels who promptly asked if I could animate a couple of gifs for a charity event she is helping organize, called “GameBlast.”1

What they do is create customized hardware [for] those with disabilities

“GameBlast,” as it turns out, has been around since 2014 and is a UK-based streaming experience that takes place every year organized by Special Effect, the gamers’ charity. What they do is create customized hardware, so those with disabilities can use electronic devices with ease. One of their projects, for example, is StarGaze2, which tracks eye movements so that anyone with paralysis can operate them, whether it be changing the channel on a television set, play video games, or write texts. The organization has also provided children with motor problems specialized controllers, which help them participate in something every kid loves, play video games3.

This then brings me to the charity stream. Even though “Gameblast” is the UK’s largest charity gaming marathon weekend4, they aren’t yet as widely known as “Awesome Games Done Quick” (AGDQ) or the “European Speedrunner Assembly” (ESA), though their quest is certainly as noble and I’m more than certain that they’re going to achieve the same level of fame. Later Levels asked me to design four distinct gifs for them, namely “hello,” “new folllow,” “new donation,” as well as a “cat on stream” (the latter of which plays whenever Zelda, their cat starts meowing during the stream). The only precise requirement given to me was to center all of them around the pixel heart, similar to the one in their logo. Since there was no way I could or would turn this down, I set out to work, which is when my internet broke down and I couldn’t access their graphical resources. This was but a minor inconvenience, however, and I managed to come up with five proposals that were all accepted.

If people donate during the event, they will see a treasure chest opening up to reveal a heart5, 6, if they say “hello,” they’ll see a girl waving a flag with a heart design7, 8, Zelda’s animation is one where she jumps on a computer keyboard to take a nap9, 10, 11 (her dream bubble has a heart in it, of course), and whenever one follows the Special Effect Team channel on twitch, they’ll see a nice disco ball appearing12. Lastly, there is a rotating heart, just because I liked it13.

According to Later Levels, the streams will start on January 5th, 2020, where they will broadcast for at least one hour a day, though the main event that you definitely would want to look out for will be between February 22nd and 23rd, 2020. On these dates they will stream for 24 hours to give you all the gaming goodness (starting at 8 AM GMT, which in other time zones is 9 AM CET, 3 AM EST, 12 AM PT, 4 PM China). All participants will air on their own channels with the tag “GameBlast,” which Special Effect then will host over on

the streams will start on January 5th, 2020 [and go to] February 23rd

Those seeking to participate can sign up under and Later Levels will announce the schedule on her blog at What’s more, there is a crowd funding page you can donate to, namely, I’m sure they would appreciate your help. If you want to check them out on social media, you can find them on twitter under, as well as

Since this is such an awesome cause, I would love it, if you, my dear reader, would drop by to check out these streams on any (or maybe all) of the available dates. Of course, I would also be glad if you donated, though I do understand that money can be tight. Still, visiting the Special Effect hosting channel will be worth it, since the twitch algorithm probably bumps the stream the more people will tune in, and chatting with the community is probably going to be loads of fun, so come on by!


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Thank you for reading my article. If you like, please do feel free to leave a comment. There’s no need to register or login. Also, all images shown here were drawn by me. You can also follow my reviews on Steam: Have a nice day.


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