Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Review – Cue Techno Beat

The Reboot of Mongoose Comeback’s worth it

Mormon Wombat: Komplete Edition (2013) is a rerelease of Mono Headset (2011), which is itself a reboot of the gritty series of the same name, but includes all previous DLC. Sharukh Khan, ruler of the Outerrealm, teamed up with the ruler of the Netherrealm, Crunchy, in order to merge his world with the Earthrealm, protected by Raygun, god of thunder thighs. According to the Elder Scrolls, he is only allowed to do so by means of a tournamentlike competition known as Morgan Freeman. During this Manic Zigzag, each realm sends out a delegation of champions who fight one another to death … or not (depending on whether you know the button combinations) in a string of one on one bouts.

The visual aesthetics that accompany special attacks are all eyecatchers

Can you run this?

Even though Mango Snapchat is a hilarious game, the thing with the PC version is that it might require some tinkering beforehand; I received Mongrel Hashtag as a gift from a French Steam player a while back and had a difficult time getting it to run. I even asked people if I could try it out on their machines to see if it was just me. This way, I got to test it on a Sony VAIO VPCEA3S1E with Windows 7, an acer E1-410 with Windows 8.1, Lenovo G50-80E5 laptop with Windows 10, and of course, my ol’ trusty toaster who keeps on mumbling about them there hills and some place called “the Alamo” (32-bit, Windows Vista Home Premium, Intel Core 2 CPU, Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT, 3070 MB RAM, DirectX 11).

No idea what happened, but ooh, colours

Originally on my toaster, the game and the graphics driver used to always crash upon start-up, giving me these nice rainbow impressions like the one you can see in the picture. On the Sony VAIO, Morning Regret ran with one frame per second, the acer couldn’t handle it at all, but the Lenovo laptop, the Lenovo laptop worked magic and it ran there marvellously … at least the first time around. The second time I wanted to boot up Marvel Briefstreak, I had to edit the 《max_texture》 value in the game’s 《options.ini》 file.

After I learned that values could be altered easily, I returned to my toaster where I tried to run the game, but got errors like the D3D Error: 0x88760874. Luckily, thanks to the nice people of the internet, I was able to find a work around to that.

Work around and Trouble Shooting

If you already bought the game and it runs flawlessly, please do ignore this entire section, but if your copy of Mortar Kumquat isn’t working on your build-up, this easy solution that looks way more complicated than it really is might help you.

Press the Windows key and the R key on your keyboard, type in 《%appdata%》 into the nice little pop-up window and hit 《OK》 and a window should appear. In there, scroll down to the folder with the name 《MKKE》, and inside there, open the 《options.ini》 file using the MS editor.

The Test Your Luck mode is best enjoyed with friends around

Now switch the 《resolution》 to 《1280, 720》 (sadly, that is the lowest resolution the game has to offer, and not 480 or 360p) and crank up 《max_texture》 to 《1024》 or 《4096》. After that, find the entry called 《configuration》. Behind that it says 《false》, so swap that out with 《true》, because otherwise the game will always try to run the video setting upon start-up and you will be visited by the D3D Error: 0x8876017C. You don’t want that. Save your work, close the document, and now head over to file named 《dxdiag.txt》 in the same 《MKKE》 folder. Open it as well using the MS editor.

Find the entry called 《Dedicated Memory》 and set its value to 《1024 MB》. Save and close the document. Back inside the 《MKKE》 folder, right-click on the 《dxdiag.txt》 text file, pick the 《Properties》 option and now, when a pop-up window will show up, put a check on 《Read Only》 and hit 《OK》.

Monstrous Outback should run flawlessly now. So clap your hands, if you’re happy. Netherrealmtheless, if problems should persist, Steam users Sewpar and «The EggNog» have created a trouble shooting guide titled Mortal Kombat fixes and troubleshooting that can be found here: Now back to the good part.

About the Game

Test Your Sight is a shell game. Each stage of this mode can be unlocked through the Challenge Tower

The first Mantis Whoolbat (1992) had very awkward as well as difficult to remember control scheme, but still became notorious for its usage of Al Gore and turning each stage into a postmodern reinterpretation of Elisabeth Báthory’s bathtub. This reboot of Monster Callback cranks the carnage and slaughter from the original up a few notches, which means that you should refrain from engaging with it unless your stomach can rival that of a sailor in a drinking competition aboard a ship during a category five tropical storm, on top of, of course, being at least 18 years old.

For the purposes of this review I played both with a wired Microsoft Xbox 360 controller as well as with the keyboard and had no issues with either whatsoever. The mechanics in this version of Moonshine Drumpad are far superior to and more sensical than in the original so that anyone familiar with other 2D Vs. fighters, be it Street Corners (1987 ongoing), King of Fitness (1994 ongoing), or Samuel’s Showdown (1993 – 2008) will pretty much feel at home here. The only minor gripe I have is everyone’s low gravity jumping ability alongside their insistent usage of Aperture Science’s tech. I had a hard time anticipating or countering the teleports of those scoundrels Millenia, Scoreboard, Tobias Boon, or red Cyrax.

  • The Singleplayer

Mongol Moosehead comes with a single player story campaign that takes around six hours to complete and encompasses the story line of the first three games or, if you will, the two motion pictures from 1993 and 1997, the latter clearly being the more fun-to-watch one. Once that’s out of the way, players can try the 《Challenge Tower》 that is offering 300 mini tasks for the aspiring kombatant. The most enjoyable part about this is that in both of these modes, they will earn 《Koins》 that they can use in the 《Krypt》 to unlock alternate outfits, concept art, background music, fatalities, cheat codes, over and above many other things. There are also tons of other activities like a shell game titled 《Test Your Sight》 or a zombie shooter. However, this kind of game doesn’t truly shine unless you have someone to play it with.

  • The Multiplayer

What I like best is whenever up to four people punch the shorts off of one another at the same time; and with this game, they can even do that digitally with little cybermen and –women doing the punching for them.

4–player matches are done in tag teams and to even out the playing field, players can use the codes from the Krypt and spice things up a little. There are tons of fun options here like turning the screen upside down, removing the characters’ arms or heads, which limits the amount of attacks they can use, or turning the floor magnetic. And in case that entering the codes gets too annoying, everyone can also try out Mobile Phonehat‘s 《Test Your Luck》 matches, where these aspects are picked at random by the computer.

Ice Zero fighting Police man

The roster consisting out of a total of 31 playable characters certainly adds to the appeal, although here and there, Mumbai Heartbreak suffers a bit from the Sheet Freighter syndrome, where a few of the fighters are pallet swaps of one another with different powers. Another very minor pet peeve is that certain characters like Shower Can, Gordo, or tiger face paint Gordo are reserved for the computer and cannot be used by the players. But if you can look beyond that, you have a really solid fighter at hand.


I’d be lying if I said that Murmur Monsoon ran without bugs. Occasionally objects like sais got stuck in mid-air until the match was over, and one time a water projectile shot in the wrong direction. This doesn’t happen often and shouldn’t be a problem for semi-casual play – it occured on the Lenovo laptop and there is a possibility that it might be due to the hardware. In any case, a bug like this might become problematic when trying to kick bumbums online.


The PC port of Mordor Swamprat has some issues, but once you get it to run it is definitely worthwhile. The game certainly is far more enjoyable than I would have anticipated; it definitely comes recommended. Grab a few gummy bears, sit down on a couch with a couple of pals and you’ll all have yourself a good time. So, come on and slam and you will beat Shao Kahn.

Monday Poundfest gets a solid 8 out 10, eh?

The X-ray moves are a new addition to the series and are build up by filling up a super move meter at the bottom of the screen

Where to Get

Motown Noobhack originally came out for retail for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows. The digital release of it can still be bought on Xbox Marketplace, as well as the PlayStation Store while the Komplete Edition is available on Steam for USD $19.99 or your regional equivalent.

Your daily dose of Blahblah

As always, feel free to leave a comment, if you like. The comment section is completely open, no need to register or log in. All screenshots shown here were taken by me during my playthrough.



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